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Make – up 

The search for the perfect makeup brand has taken Gerrard International around the world. But after years of ‘not quite right’ discoveries, it ended where it began – at our Hertfordshire headquarters with the decision to create our own.

Inspired by the wants and wishes of thousands of beauty spa and salon devotees, as well as a team of beauty experts, Mii launched in 2011. Taking the variety of the department store to the comfort of our salon, the range is easy to choose, easy to use and easy to understand; to encourage you to create a look that is uniquely, completely, unmistakably you.

With skin loving formulas, thirteen tailored brushes as well as a 100% pure mineral line, Mii has set its sights on ensuring that you are filled with the confidence that every makeup decision will be the right one. 

A makeup lesson is an ideal way to learn the step by step process of creating an effective and long-lasting look tailored to your requirements, whether it is a fast and simple Make-up routine you require for a natural everyday look, or something more dramatic for a night out or a special occasion.

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Mii  – 30 Minute Make up lesson 

Whether you want to find your perfect base or learn how to do a smoky eye, we can help in our 30 minute lesson, your can pick your key area and let us teach you, from natural to the super glam. (If you find it difficult to articulate your desired style, take an image with you). Depending on whether you want to lie back and be pampered or learn a few tricks of the trade, this is a good chance to learn how to create a flawless finish.

£30.00 –   Redeemable against products

30 minutes*

Mii  – 45 Minute Make up lesson 

If you’re keen to indulge in professional make-up application, an expert lesson before a big event or you’re stuck in a style rut and want to test out a new look, Indulgence  offers a haven where you can learn expert tips and tricks to make the most of your MII cosmetics.(If you find it difficult to articulate your desired style, take an image with you)

£45.00  –  Redeemable against products

45 minutes*

Mii Special Occasion Make Up

For a perfect special occasion beauty look. Whether it be a wedding, a dinner or a day at the races,  our aim to achieve is one where you look so good, so confident that when you walk into a room everyone who looks at you tries to guess what’s different about you: Did she just come back from holiday? Did she just have an awesome date? Why does she look so good, better than I ever remember seeing her!?…

Makeup is powerful and has the ability to boost your confidence!

£60.oo –  60 minutes* – Redeemable against products

Bridal make -up upon Application

You’ve got the dress sorted, now it’s time to think about wedding beauty. With a little help from the experts, to make sure you look flawless on your big day.


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