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The Dermalogica Circle

The Dermalogica Circle

Did you know that Indulgence Beauty Salon has had the prestigious Dermalogica Circle status since 2015?


What is Dermalogica Circle Expert status?

The Dermalogica Circle recognises businesses for commitment to their clients, business, continuous education and to the Dermalogica brand.

Dermalogica’s dedication to innovation, technology, education and consumers for over 30 years has earned them the status of being the world’s leading skincare brand. Indulgence has met and continues to meet the very high standards that Dermalogica demands from its Dermalogica Circle members.

What does this mean to you?

In choosing a beauty salon with Dermalogica Circle status, your therapist will have received the highest level of training from the world’s leading skincare experts, have excellent knowledge of skincare, asking you questions to ensure that the treatment is the best option for you, and they will be committed to furthering their knowledge and understanding of the best and up to date technological advancements, allowing them to use their skills to give you the best treatments and unbeatable salon experience.

It means that you can expect the highest standards of care, knowledge and application of your treatment every single time.


How has Indulgence Beauty Salon met these standards?

Skincare is not a simple subject. And what is right for one person may be completely wrong for another. Achieving expert Circle status requires:

  • Rigorous (and continuous) therapist education.
  • Full understanding of skin types, taking into consideration age, ethnicity, lifestyle, illness, medical conditions, client expectations and any other influencing factors.
  • Full understanding of the Dermalogica products and where they will make an amazing difference.
  • Embracing the full concept of Dermalogica’s skincare expertise.


See our range of Dermalogica facial treatments here.

You can buy Dermalogica products in the salon. Give us a call on 020 8304 7220 if you want to check availability of a specific product.